20160930 September Mushrooms

A warm and wet September, especially after a dry warm summer stimulated a lot of mushrooms to fruit later than usual.  Boletes and Amanitas were especially visible this fall.

Here are some examples:

A nice harvest of one of the Boletes, possibly a Suillus.


One of the Boletes up close, usually with a smooth cap, and variable markings on the stem…


… and spore tubes underneath, instead of gills.


I don’t recall what these gilled mushrooms are.


Amanita muscaria (a yellow/orange variety) just past the button stage …


About a day older specimen… showing the remnants of the veil on the stem (stipe).

p1450160-1 p1450460-1 p1450518-1

In spite of the spore tubes this is NOT a Bolete.  It is a Polypore of some sort attached to a yellow birch branch.


A common name for this mushroom is Fly agaric.



p1450670-1 p1450682-1 p1450685-1



I don’t recall what these gilled mushrooms are:

p1450697-1 p1450700-1 p1450706-1




Another gilled mushroom




This is NOT a chanterelle:

p1450731-1 p1450734-1

My best mushroom field guide was written many years ago by Orson K Miller.  It remains a classic.  Foraging for mushrooms is safe and lots of fun … if you know what you’re doing and don’t take chances.   I suggest buying a good field guide if you want to eat wild mushrooms.  Some of the internet websites are not reliable. This one appears to be quite good.


3 thoughts on “20160930 September Mushrooms

  1. Tom, and once more, I agree with Marilyn – I also enjoy foraging for mushrooms. Thank you xoxo

  2. Thanks Marilyn and Krys! We are having quite an unusual fruiting of mushrooms this year. I am looking for my Orson K Miller Field Guide but have yet to find it, buried away in some shoe box probably. In the meantime I am trying to find reliable sources of mushroom information on the internet.

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