20160930 End of summer fruits

Here are a few photos of the fruits that mature in September in the neighbourhood.

Northern Wild Raisins before all of the critters feed on them…


Not a fruit but I thought to include the seed fluff of this Virgin’s Bower:


Famous Haw (thorn)


Northern Wild Raisin at its peak for harvesting.  In a day or two the purple berries will shrivel up, resembling raisins.


Fanleaf Hawthorn:



In the rain…

p1450506-1 p1450530-1 p1450542-1

Inedible winterberry:


And the very edible (when processed into jelly) Highbush Cranberry:


These fruits are critical for the carbo needs of the various critters who want to fatten up before winter.  This year we had a good crop so the birdies and mammals who eat them are happy.

2 thoughts on “20160930 End of summer fruits

  1. Tom, for me, these were incredible to view – the detail, the colours and the composition. Mother Nature does it best !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH xoxo

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