20160930 End of summer mists and rains

We enjoyed some nice foggy mornings and some rainy days in September.  Here are a few photos showing what they looked like.   Some will benefit from being enlarged by clicking on the photo.

A rest area on Hwy 69 through the car window:


Through and open window …


Very heavy dew …


Dew on Goldenrod …


more dew…

p1440926-1 p1440934-1 p1440950-1

When enlarged the dew droplets on the ‘parachutes’ are quite nice.


As my sister says, “Butter and Eggs is a much nicer name than Toadflax.”

p1440962-1 p1440965-1 p1440974-1

A very ordinary roadside sight is quite nice when one stops to look carefully.  Actually this photo would probably have more impact if converted to Black and White:

p1790786-1 p1790792-1


Narrow leaved fall Aster




The following were all taken very early in the morning, looking into the sunrise along the Still River:

p1450608-1 p1450611-1 p1450623-1 p1450634-1

You may be wondering why this sudden flurry of activity.

I had some issues with my ISP which messed up my email and my ability to upload to the blogsite.  Fortunately I have a work-around with my Bell Turbo Hub which works most of the time.

I uploaded several different posts today, which range from landscape, wildlife, fruits, mushrooms and pollinators.   All are earlier than this post and can be found by either clicking on the archive or by clicking on the title “Britthome’s Blog” at the top of the page.

2 thoughts on “20160930 End of summer mists and rains

  1. Dear Tom, you’ve done it again, you brought us those magical views and, that alone, is the criteria of a note-worthy photographer xoxo

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