20160930 End of September mushrooms

Here are some more mushrooms that were seen the last days of September:

A nice harvest by D & V found along Riverside Drive.  Some (orange) Chanterelles and a pair of (pale) King Boletus or CEP mushrooms (with spore tubes instead of gills).   These two species of wild mushroom are highly prized for their gourmet values.


Some Amanita muscarias at varying stages of maturity.


These look like a pair of Slippery Jacks:


Very dangerous stage of ANY MUSHROOM.  Although these MAY  be a specie of Boletus, I would NEVER harvest them until the cap has separated from the stipe, permitting a positive ID.


Undoubtedly another Bolete, even though the underside (with its spore tubes) is not visible.


A few Amanitas in the lawn next to Holy Family Catholic Church in Britt.


Perhaps some more Suillus (?) under the pine tree on same lawn.


Above Amanita and Suillus(?) side by side.


In the foreground of the above are these.   Also probably a Suillus.


This is probably one of the Clavariaceae(?) or coral mushrooms which usually grow in deep shade, except for this specimen which had a shaft of very late afternoon falling on it.


This is possibly one of the Russulaceae Family possibly a Lactarius.


Probably a nice B. edulis!


Possibly a nice Agaricaceae(?) in D and I’s field, recently mowed by A.:

p1460220-1Careful readers will not that I won’t ID a mushroom by sight alone.  It is important to look very very carefully at specimens, especially if you want to eat them.  Spore prints are very useful in identifying mushrooms.

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