20160930 Some blooms and birdies

Here are a few photos of a late blooming Pale Corydalis, one of D.’s pansies, a sparrow and a crow inspecting the photographer.

Pale corydalis, usually one for the very early spring wildflowers blooming in September alongside its long narrow seed pods.


D. (trans?)planted these a few weeks ago.


This fellow was hopping around in my driveway looking for seeds and grit, I think.


A common sight on Riverside Road near Shirley’s place.  They are guaranteed of a snack there.

p1460143-1 p1460155-1 p1460164-1

Click to have a close-up look at the first one to see its eyelid, caught half open.

I had a bit of a problem uploading the above so please click on the image below to check the crow’s eyelid:


I hope that it works this time!

NOPE!  It didn’t.  I don’t know how to use the editor to insert “clickable” images.  😦

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