20160930 Some interesting sights near Britt

We captured a few interesting views


at the end of September.   A few samples:

Adeline and the US Geological Survey Sturgeon at the town dock:


Along the Burwash Road:


(YUCK!  What an ugly representation of the sky!  It shows fine on the original.   I will leave the above mess here until I figure out what is happening during the upload process.)

Fierce cloud edge looking east from the Old Still River Road:


Same fierce sky, with CPR mainline in the foreground:


In an earlier post (scroll down)

20160930 Some blooms and birdies

I tried to edit the post to get a higher definition of a photo of a crow uploaded, with little success.  Click on the image below to see the eyelid of the crow:


We’ll see if it works this time!

Yes.  Double clicking on the image seems to work!

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