20161113-14 “Supermoon” rising …

Before the rising of the much promoted supermoon I made a few nice pictures that might be of some interest …

Late afternoon light on the last of the Tamaracks still with needles …


These goldenrods might be Canada Goldenrod….


Evening sky with low clouds over Big (Gereaux) Lake …


I did a little research to photograph the rising of the (almost) full moon on February 14 at Straight Lake from Hwy 69 between the Bekanon Rd and Key River.  I looked at the azimuth angle (the angle measured clockwise along the horizon from true north) and plotted it on a Google Earth image of the location.  It looked like it would rise above the far shore, to above the three spruce trees in the right foreground of this photo:


But I used the wrong day and the moon rose where it should have  —– right next to the rightmost small spruce.  It then promptly disappeared in the foliage…


Here it is again, with my long 800 mm equivalent telephoto lens, poking up over that distant treeline.


Here it is again, 4 1/2 minutes later, disappearing into the spruce branches:


On the next day, November 14th, I went to the public dock in Byng Inlet to make another try.

This is the setting sun, behind the hamlet of Byng Inlet …


The wind calmed giving this nice view of the Eastside part of Britt.  I expected the moon to rise just to the right of the rightmost white house.


This is what the moon looked like as it rose above the clouds on the horizon:


A little earlier as the moon emerged from the lowest cloud deck.


Here is a time lapse video of the moon rising out of the low clouds.  It works in my Safari browser but not in my Firefox browser.