20161211 Lots more snow

The temperature plummeted over the last few days and the westerly wind brought a lot of lake effect snow to our neck of the woods.  Here are some sights of our experiences.  ( I tried to preserve as much snow texture as possible, even in flat light.  That includes the snow flake falls, which are streaked when I shot a longish exposure and individual flecks when I used a short exposure.  You can see the texture by zooming in on the photos, by clicking on it or expanding it on your hand-held device.)

CPR crossing at Woods Road:


Sun behind a gauze of cloud over the Byng Inlet.


Clump of grass catching snow…


Juniper holding some snow…


This historical marker, north of the town of Magnetawan near Eagle Lake Road, tells the story of some Swiss settlers who formed a colony there during the mid 1870s.


Snowing over the Byng Inlet …











Steve and Barb’s driveway …


Footsteps along Riverside Rd …


Steps up to “Reynolds’ Rock”…


Dave and Irene have expanded their Christmas display to provide a comfort station for S.C……


Apparently S.C. was on a test-flight to check out the facilities.


All of the local beasties are relieved to get some snow cover for their nests, burrows etc.  I am not so sure about travellers along Hwy 69.

One thought on “20161211 Lots more snow

  1. Tom, thank you for these beautfiul snow views – that essence of those “hazy,,dreamy” snow days and so so partial to the ROAD views. SO NEAT xixi

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