20170108 Sunshine on hoar frost and trip to Meshaw Falls

We had a nice sunshiny day to photograph frost on newly fallen snow.  Here are some local sights …






We took Hwy 607 up to Dry Pine Bay and Meshaw Falls.   This was taken from the new bridge over the Murdock River, looking north to see the first ice huts of the season.   Palatial!!



These sedges were poking up from under the snow near the bridge…p1480195-1

The mist from the falls froze on this stick…



and on these:p1480219-1

There is a rock outcrop under that cap of ice … with drops of spray coming in from the left …

p1480235-1 p1480241-1 p1480244-1-2 p1480248-1 p1480256-1 p1480262-1

Sparkling snow …


On the way back we took Hwy 607 A to the former CPR rail stop of French River home of the controversial French River Resort.


Back to Dry Pine Bay …



Looking northeast from the Meshaw Falls bridge.p1830264-1

Plant watching over some sparkles in the snow…


And, as the day progressed, the sun set in the west, lending some red to the light…


This morning we got another 15 cm of snow as a major Lake Effect streamer stalled over Britt for a few hours …screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-49-43-am

So it is time to get out of the driveway and explore the newest version of our winter wonderland.