20170102 More snow texture imagery

We had a sunny day yesterday, permitting some study of snow shadows — up close.  Some images are in black and white.  Some retain the blue hue of reflected light off of the blue sky.

Here are the results …


















I dunno if the above images fit into any category of Photographic Art.

Perhaps my scientific training and analytic personality steers me into a direction of recognition, examination and appreciation of the forms and texture of fallen snow.

Perhaps I have nothing better to do.

Perhaps it doesn’t take much to amuse an elderly brain in the latter stages of its life.

Perhaps I just like the challenge of trying to capture and represent some of the things that I see a little more clearly now.*

I dunno.

*  The above were made with the FZ1000 and GH4 — (Leica 100-400 mm lens).  rawETTR,  converted in Adobe Lightroom 5.6.  Post-conversion processing: decreased highlights, increased shadows, adjusted White Balance, dark point, local contrast, added some highlight vignetting and in a few cases converted to B&W.

PS   I just got this image in my email inbox.   I think I’ll look at the White Pine needles a bit more closely when I go out into mild weather later today.  Who knows what I’ll see.