20170102 More snow texture imagery

We had a sunny day yesterday, permitting some study of snow shadows — up close.  Some images are in black and white.  Some retain the blue hue of reflected light off of the blue sky.

Here are the results …


















I dunno if the above images fit into any category of Photographic Art.

Perhaps my scientific training and analytic personality steers me into a direction of recognition, examination and appreciation of the forms and texture of fallen snow.

Perhaps I have nothing better to do.

Perhaps it doesn’t take much to amuse an elderly brain in the latter stages of its life.

Perhaps I just like the challenge of trying to capture and represent some of the things that I see a little more clearly now.*

I dunno.

*  The above were made with the FZ1000 and GH4 — (Leica 100-400 mm lens).  rawETTR,  converted in Adobe Lightroom 5.6.  Post-conversion processing: decreased highlights, increased shadows, adjusted White Balance, dark point, local contrast, added some highlight vignetting and in a few cases converted to B&W.

PS   I just got this image in my email inbox.   I think I’ll look at the White Pine needles a bit more closely when I go out into mild weather later today.  Who knows what I’ll see.

4 thoughts on “20170102 More snow texture imagery

  1. Tom THANK YOU for capturing these snow textures — depending on light variables, snow textures are truly magical. xoxo

  2. Your mind is still young, very active and exploring! We are all enjoying that! Thanks Tom Love Diana XXXOOO Glad the sun came out for you later in the day!

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