20161231 Last snowfall of the year

We enjoyed a nice new fall of snow on New Year’s Eve.  Here are some representations of what we saw … some in colour, some in black and white.  Regular viewers will recognize familiar scenes, this time during snowfall.

A last glint of sunlight on Friday …


By Saturday morning every flower stalk was drooping under a load of snow …


Sprig of Juniper


… in a snowflurry ….


with a little white spruce tree poking through a foot of snow …


little juniper branch looking for light also ….



Stormy weather …


Ice is not yet ready for snowmachines or ice fishing huts:


Around the bend of the road, before the snowplow’s morning pass …


And here are three figures/backgrounds which can play tricks with your visual brain …






Lots of texture in that snow, even in very flat light.   (When you stop to notice it.)

Happy 2017!

One thought on “20161231 Last snowfall of the year

  1. Tom, beautiful and curious how one could not notice the texture of snow. “In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible Summer”. A. Camus xoxo

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