20161229 Christmas lights and a trip to Port Loring

As usual, Diana and Irene have beautiful Christmas decorations to lighten up our lives on long winter nights:


New addition this year:  Comfort station on the right for S.C.:


Little creek from Grundy Lake to Portage Lake at Hwy 522:


Road down to Portage Lake at the mail boxes …


Hwy 522:


Looking West from Young’s Road …


Balsam Creek Road …


Back on Hwy 522 …


Hallie’s place … with …


… two wild turkeys at the end of the snowmobile tracks (as seen through the hand-held Panasonic – Leica 100-400 mm telephoto lens at 800 mm equivalent focal length … and cropped):


More snow forecast for the next few days, making the critters and the photog happy.

5 thoughts on “20161229 Christmas lights and a trip to Port Loring

  1. Lovely pictures as always, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with all of us. Happy New Year Tom…good health and happiness in 2017.

  2. Hi Hi and thank you for yet another lovely gifting of beautiful, ephemeral Winter scenes (partial to… Road down to Portage Lake at the mail boxes). > Happy New Year > All the best and looking forward to future delights from you. xoxo

  3. Thanks Tom for taking my little festive home’s picture! Happy New Year to you too!! Love Diana XXXOOO

    • Diana…I didn’t realize until now that it was your home. I spent so much time in that house with your sister Judy, when I was young. Your mom was always so kind to me.

  4. Thanks Pat, Krys and Diana!
    I appreciate your appreciation for my little works of art. All I do is try to capture the works of nature and people and to show it to the world, in case it hasn’t been seen before.

    All the best in 2017! Keep healthy & warm and keep on “seeing”.


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