20170301-04 In like a lion …

March started with a fierce wind/snowstorm which took out a powerline crossing a neighbourhood field.  Hydro One crews got everything fixed up in a couple of hours…

The lineman lifted the conductor from below the telephone cable, up to the insulator where he re-secured it.

It warmed up a bit, allowing the pixie cup lichen to emerge …

This elusive pileated woodpecker gave me a second or two to “capture” it.  Sometimes a shot like this is just as satisfying to the photographer  —– compared to a handsome specimen sitting out in the open for minutes on end.

First pussy willows of the season…

A couple of examples of “Ditch Riding” Art:

A little known source of propolis:




One thought on “20170301-04 In like a lion …

  1. Hi Hi …. wonderful views of the repair work AND the woodpecker as well as the pussy willow…. plus the “ditch riding”. Thank you. xoxo

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