20170222-27 End of Feb fog and a new lady in the house

February is ending with long stretches of warm, wet, cloudy and foggy weather, but with a really bright spot!!


















The ditches are opening up …




The snow buntings are heading back north …


AND THE BRIGHT SPOT:  On February 23 this lady moved in with me:


She was adopted from  http://www.ontariopetrescue.com/   in Powassan ON, a very fine rescue organization.  She had been well looked after by Kathy and Kristen since last summer and now has her new assignment keeping her “master” in check.


She goes by the name Tinsley, but is getting used to TinTin which is a name that I find a bit easier.  A White Shepherd, she is about 8/9 years old.   We are having lots of fun together.

11 thoughts on “20170222-27 End of Feb fog and a new lady in the house

  1. Beautiful pictures…..making us homesick! Congrats on your new dog….TinTin looks like a beautiful Shepard. When I met Dave his family had a German Shepard named King. See you in April, Maureen and Dave

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    • Ah Tom, TinTin is so photogenic, those big beautiful brown eyes!! I’m happy you found a new lady and bonus, she likes me!!! LOL!! Your photography as usual all beautiful! Love the frozen droplet clusters!

  2. Congratulations on your new Lady, she’s lovely. How very nice that you found each other ! Enjoy, Jan & Panda

  3. Thank you so much for these ephemeral views – breathtaking. TIN TIN is a Sweetheart. YOU are BLESSED. xoxo

  4. My name is David Fradgley (Hamilton,ON) and I would recognize that beautiful face and brown eyes and nose of Tinsley anywhere. She was my ex’s pup before we met and I would say it was I that was adopted into her life more than hers into mine. I was sad to hear that after my ex and I separated (still very good friends) that my ex could not take Tinsley with her on her new journey in life. When I first met my ex Tinsley was very timid and weary of men (probably still a little) but I having had dogs all my life and being an animal lover was very patient with Tinsley and in time I could actually lay with my head on her. I could go on and on but I will end it here. I miss this pup very much and am elated that she has found a home surrounded by loving people and in beautiful surroundings now in her senior years. I hope her hips aren’t causing her to much pain and stiffness. So glad I saw this picture online as I was looking at rescue dog pages. Makes my heart swell. I only wish I could have taken her with me but I digress.

    • Thanks a lot, David! Your note made my day.
      I just gave Tinsley a hug for you.
      Please check your email at hotmail.

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  6. I agree, Jan. It warms the cockles of my heart. I now look at Tinsley in a new light. A very nice light.

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