20171018-21 Colours and Tinsley

We continue to enjoy this year’s very variable fall colours.   Some examples:

Sugar Maple catching some rays …

Sugar Maple in Ann and Lon’s lawn …

Vine surrounding a window at the former Little Britt Inn…

Staghorn Sumac in full colour …

Nice place along Riverside Drive ….

White-faced (or ???-faced) Meadowhawks are still flying at Portage Lake …

Tinsley checking out the photographer at Portage Lake …

Check out this VERY nice news about Tinsley,  (aka TinTin).

Further correspondence:

Thank you Tom, I am thrilled that you replied and I’m thrilled that she has the space to stretch her legs and has someone who loves her as much as she deserves.

Yes she would be 9 now. I first met Tinsley in January 2011 and was with her till October 2015 and I to made sure I had biscuits in my pocket when I met her the first time. I had her in my pocket “pun intended” from that day on.
She is a Shepherd and so she is weary and cautious by nature but once she is comfortable with someone she is gentle.
I don’t think she was socialized with other dogs and people before I came along hence some of her quirks. I know my ex got her as a pup and for most of her early life it was primarily the two of them.

Sit and shake were always rewarded with a treat at our home also. She is very intelligent, again that’s a Shepherd trait.

It’s funny that she returned to the last place we all went as a family. We camped at Grundy P.P. and actually drove around and through Britt.

Nice, eh?

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