20170216,17 A couple days of sunshine chasing sparkles in the snow

Bright sunshine got me to try to get some more sparkles in my photos, with varying results.  Sometimes it is necessary to click on the photo to see that sort of texture:

Hartley Road Shack with the Voigtlander, 10.5 mm f/0.95 manual focus and exposure:


Voigtlander’s sunburst is very nice …


Leica does a good job too, on the FZ1000:


Twin Rivers is always changing this winter:


Dappled snow:



Sparkles up close.  Click on the photo to see them up closer….p1840270-1

Grazing light seems to be most effective …



From a further distance I thought the above was an elk!   Eyes and brush pull tricks on ones visual cortex with its great ability to recognize patterns.


I just happened to like the composition of this one … so now you’re stuck with looking at it!


Across the road from the Dream Inn on Hwy 69:


Interesting reflects off of the snow on the left.  On the way to Bayfield Inlet…


We are heading for a warm spell so I’ll be riding the ditches to find some flowing water.  Always fun.


4 thoughts on “20170216,17 A couple days of sunshine chasing sparkles in the snow

    • Thank you, Pat.
      Yes, I have photographed that scene many times as it is always changing. I can park the car in the same place (on the wrong side of the roadway) each time and get the scene by leaning out of the car window at a slot in the structure of the Bailey Bridge. It works out well.


  1. Hi Hi and your “What???” .. WOW and you should see the sunsets here in all their majestic glory – take your breath away every time – more than magical. THANK YOU. xoxo

    • Yes, that “elk” was quite neat. I stopped the car immediately when I saw it. And then I realized what it was. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, perhaps because I saw the apparition with my peripheral vision, fleetingly, the first time I saw it. Our vision is rather magical, methinks.

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