20170206-14 Grosbeaks, bright skies and snowfalls

Very variable February weather  …

We had a few soft snowfalls, like this one near the Henvey Inlet road construction:


A couple attempts to capture some of the many examples snow textures that seem to change daily, in some cases hourly;



Light snow at Grundy Lake creek from Hwy 522:


Does this pull you  in?


Early morning scene at Annie’s:


A flock of these birdies were found eating the seeds in the samaras of the ash trees along Riverside Drive.



This thin cloud produced this mild corona around the sun:


The purplish spot above the sun is a lens flare.  This oft-photographed stream flows along the Shebeshekong Road, just south of the Skerryvore Community Road.


Delicate snow …


Remnants of a freezing rain episode reflecting light from the “sunburst” — which is caused by light diffracting from the 5 bladed iris controlling the aperture in the Voigtlander manual lens.  If the number is blades is odd, the number of spikes  is twice the number  of blades.  If even, the number of spikes is equal to the number of blades. See diffraction spikes.

Some photographers can insert sunbursts using software.  I don’t know how to do that.


Yes, there is some iridescence behind that pine tree:


Snowstorm along Hwy 529, just south of the road to Byng Inlet.


Very small over-exposure of the obscured sun.  I guess around 2/3 stop.


The sky is bonus but it’s the tracks here!


See the sun?


Heavy textured snow, helped by glancing light…


From Boucher’s Concession Road, across the highway from my place.  I often check out that location, always to see something different.


A good example …


It looks like we are going to have a sunny day.  I think that I  might exercise the Voigtlander again.  I need practice using a fully manual lens with no autofocus and no autoexposure.  Good way to learn how a camera really works!


2 thoughts on “20170206-14 Grosbeaks, bright skies and snowfalls

    • Thanks Kris,
      I’m happy that you liked the snowstorm photo. I enjoy taking a lot of them, as they are challenging, but I only post a few, thinking that folks prefer the sunshiny “postcard” photos.

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