20170315-23 Ice art along shorelines and in the ditches

We had some mild days after nights of freezing temperatures giving some interesting ice art for the curious photographer, often seen driving along the wrong side of a roadway to peer into the ditch.   Some examples:

Hoar frost on Magnetawan River shrubs as seen from the Magnetawan FN Community Road:

Various levels of stream along Hwy 529A into Bayfield Inlet:

Rorschach Tests(?) at Twin River boat launch:

Ditch along Hwy 645 into Byng Inlet:

Culvert at Old Still River Road:

More ditch art along Hwy 529A into Bayfield Inlet:

Always something out there, even in the roadside ditches.

Click (sometimes twice) on a photo of interest to get a more intimate view of the phenomenon.  Use your browser back button to return to the post.