20170408-15 Birds, bugs and a turtle

The warmer weather livened up the neighbourhood with critters moving about.

I have been invaded by a flock of pidgeons.   Too much feed at  my birdfeeder?

This one checks me out from the  telephone cable running through the yard…

gives me a wink…

… then the hard look …

While this pair cruise in the Still River

This Pileated Woodpecker checks out another new Hydro Pole:

First one way ….


Then the other  ..

In the distance two male Bufflehead Ducks escorting a lady Bufflehead.

First Mourning Cloak of the year, on Tramway Rd, Byng Inlet.  Judging by its good shape, I suspect that it has just emerged from its winter cryo-preservation.


Eastern Phoebe in the tag alders looking for flying insects to catch.

Ring-necked Duck, which does have a very faint ring around its neck.

Unknown fly in the sun near Alban.

Painted Turtle catching some rays in the Old Still River Road stream.

Oft-photographed spot on the Skerryvore Community Road, which I often visit on my way back from Parry Sound.

Good News:  https://www.ontarionature.org/connect/blog/stratfords-ethan-elliott-brings-bee-city-home/

Why bother?