20170604 Celebration of Shirley’s Life

Today we gathered at the Britt Legion to celebrate the life of Shirley who passed on May 22nd.

We were reminded of Shirley’s great strength and determination,  her abilities as a storyteller, and of her great care for others.  She not only cared deeply for her friends and kin but for her wild “pets” which included seagulls, crows and ongoing families of red foxes.

Here is a photo I made of her front porch on May 21, the day before she died:

“Waiting for Shirley”

May her spirit fly with the birds that she loved so much.



6 thoughts on “20170604 Celebration of Shirley’s Life

  1. Thank you and truly sorry .. “May her spirit fly with the birds that she loved so much” was heartfelt and appropriate. Those who connect with Mother Nature are those with gentle souls. xoxo

  2. May she rest in peace. We didn’t know Shirley, but would wave to her on our way by. We saw the lonely seagull waiting for her on her handrail last week. I’m sure the geese are looking for her too. So sad….

    • Yes, Apparently that gull has special marks known to Shirley. She said that it had been coming to her handrail for several years. It was there again yesterday. Chuck, Shirley’s grieving partner, said that he’ll forgive the gulls for redepositing the processed treats on his truck and will resume Shirley’s practice of giving them treats.

  3. There are several photos of Shirley’s gulls, crows, geese, foxes and other critters in this blog. Maybe another place for her spirit to live onward?

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