20170801 Camp Eley FZ1000 photos

We enjoyed a wonderful visit at a little paradise on the North Channel near Iron Bridge.  The quality of the hospitality was only exceeded by the charm and grace of the hostess.

I shared the use of the FZ1000 with Perry and Dax.   Here are some of the photos we came up with..

Perry’s first B.I.F. (Birds in Flight) Photography …

Great Blue Heron does a fly-by for Perry …

Dax captures an uncommon  Yellow Throated Vireo, lurking in the Fringed Brome, confirmed by Colleen’s knowledge of bird songs.

Dax captures a Bald Eagle harrassing a bird that he identifies as an Osprey…

Dax captures a Bumble Bee with an extended proboscis …

Dax’s Little Wood Satyr

Obviously both of the above photographers know to look into the scene instead of looking at the scene!

These two photos were taken around 5:00 am with the camera propped on a bench, using a shutter delay and a shutter interval of 60 seconds. (EXIFs are intact for photographers.)

The above are worth enlarging (by clicking on the image and using your browser’s back button to return) to see the structure of the strikes.   The mood  of the scene as seen from the covered porch is quite well captured, I think.   The only part that is missing is the swarm of mosquitoes that arrived at daybreak after the rain.