20170815 Dragonflies, Berries, Blooms and a Hawk

After a short visit to Grundy Lake Provincial Park we saw these scenes on Hwy 522…

A White-faced Meadowhawk resting on a fern frond…

Pearly Everlasting are ready be picked for winter dried flower arrangements.

The long contact between the eyes indicates that this is a Darner.    The question is: which one?  This interesting website gets into that detail… at  “A Useful Field Mark For Darners: The Dorsal Stripe On Abdominal Segment 2”.  Neat stuff.

Close up of contact between the eyes and the nature of the pattern on the abdomen just aft of the thorax…

Close -up of abdomen, including clasper….

Close-up of wing venation

So I think that the above Dragonfly is a Variable Darner.


Blackberries are ripening.   A good crop this year.

This hawk flew up from the roadside and played “peek-a-boo” with the photographer.

Careful maneuvering of the “mobile blind” led to these shots.  Click on the images to get closer…

A final profile portrait ..   Click and expand the photo to get a clear picture of the reflections in that sharp eye….

Broad-winged HawkAudubon B-w H.

It could be a Coopers Hawk, or even a Red Tail.

Lots to learn, eh?