20170824-25 Local bugs and blooms

Here is a sampling of what we’ve been seeing over the last few days …

This Viburnum cultivated variety was blooming in the foundation planting at Cottage Country Animal Clinic … the great folks who look after TinTin.

Notice the similarity with the flower heads of Highbush Cranberry and Northern Wild Raisin.

The spotted touch-me-nots are nearing the end of their blooming period….

Notice the huge amounts of pollen being carried by this orange belted bumble bee.  That is a big payload!

It appears that this predator, maybe a Great Black Wasp, is biting its prey.

EDIT 20171123:  Joe Campbell identified a wasp’s nest made by bald faced hornet.   I now believe that this is a bald faced hornet.  See my post 20171119 First heavy snow

After a few seconds this is all that is left of the prey, which drops to the ground …

The predator may be chewing on the remnants of its prey.  It then quickly buzzed off.

Whitefaced Meadowhawks continue to be abundant …

A brown grasshopper resting on some grass stems…

Leonard’s Skipper is sharing this flower with an unidentified critter …

Thistle bloom in front of its seedhead.


Second generation of Mourning Cloaks are flying about and foraging for sap and detritus…

It will hibernate over the winter, usually behind some bark, to emerge early next spring to mate and to start another cycle.

I just saw an article about Grasshoppers Molting:  https://naturallycuriouswithmaryholland.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/grasshoppers-molting/

If you go back to the previous post, you’ll see a couple edits about the position of Moon on the solar eclipse day.   Thanks Andrew.

2 thoughts on “20170824-25 Local bugs and blooms

  1. Oh Tom .. partial to “Thistle bloom in front of its seedhead” … thank you for discovering and thank you for your resulting pix. xoxo

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