20170911-13 Fog on Manitoulin and near Britt

A high pressure dome gave us clear cold nights, causing condensation of humid air resulting in morning fogs.   Some examples …

Looking East before sunrise at 10 Mile Point.  Venus is in the blue about 1/3 in from the right.

I fell asleep in the car and missed sunrise.

On the way back to Bass Creek Resort I saw these scenes to the East …

Back in Britt, this was seen from Riverside Drive near the St Amants family home….


Still River from Old Legion Lane …

Relaxed anchor rode on this morning….

Does the dock lead you to a horizon?

Looking across Byng Inlet to the hamlet of Byng Inlet from Riverside Drive in Britt.

Fog has lifted to reveal turning leaves….


This short video arrived this morning:   A Grateful Day.