20170911-13 Fog on Manitoulin and near Britt

A high pressure dome gave us clear cold nights, causing condensation of humid air resulting in morning fogs.   Some examples …

Looking East before sunrise at 10 Mile Point.  Venus is in the blue about 1/3 in from the right.

I fell asleep in the car and missed sunrise.

On the way back to Bass Creek Resort I saw these scenes to the East …

Back in Britt, this was seen from Riverside Drive near the St Amants family home….


Still River from Old Legion Lane …

Relaxed anchor rode on this morning….

Does the dock lead you to a horizon?

Looking across Byng Inlet to the hamlet of Byng Inlet from Riverside Drive in Britt.

Fog has lifted to reveal turning leaves….


This short video arrived this morning:   A Grateful Day.



3 thoughts on “20170911-13 Fog on Manitoulin and near Britt

  1. Oh Tom, the picture of the two trees, one in front of the rising sun and the other with the exceptional shape to the right is spectacular!! Simply beautiful, caught at the right moment in the perfect conditions. Beautiful, Thanks for these! Love Diana XXXOOO

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