20170924-30 End of September sights

Here are a few photos of what was seen over the last few days …

Milkweed pods are ripening to reveal and to disperse seeds attached to filmy “parachutes”.

Some pods still have Large Milkweed Bug nymphs (and an adult) feeding on the (immature) seeds contained inside the pods…

This year a few Common Yarrows are found very late in the year.

Many leaves are changing colour as the green-light-reflecting-chlorophyll is being modified by the plant as it maximizes its energy reserves (remobilization) for approaching winter.

Raspberry leaves …

Leaf from Large Leaved Aster

Traces of yellow and green remain along the inner veins as this process proceeds on this Red Osier Dogwood leaf…

I am beginning to realize that grasses and sedges also go through similar processes to recover as much nutrient as possible each autumn.  This mixture of grass, rush, sedge  and leatherleaf is much yellower than it was last month:

Good article:   The Science of Color in Autumn Leaves

According to Mary Holland spiders are now preparing for winter in New England.

2 thoughts on “20170924-30 End of September sights

  1. Good morning Tom and thank you for these lovely views . partial to “Milkweed pods are ripening to reveal and to disperse seeds attached to filmy “parachutes” “. … the wonders of Mother Nature each and every season. xoxo

    • Thanks Krys,
      Go up to the Title Bar of Brtthome’s Blog. Hover over the right hand title “Presentations” and click on “20171004 Powassan, End of Summer Sights” to see a summary of a presentation I’m making. Keeps me busy!

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