20171004-05 Trip to Powassan

We made a presentation to nature photographers in Powassan and met some new friends.   Click on “20171004 Powassan, End of Summer Sights” under “Presentations” on the right hand side of the above Brtthome’s Blog title block.  Here are some of the sights we saw on the way there and on the way back.

Balsam Creek Rd, eastbound…

Shed roof architecture …. exposing solar panels to the south, where Sun is behind those clouds …

Alsace Rd on the way to Commanda …

Commanda Heritage Centre,  at the corner of The Old Nipissing Road and Hwy 522.

You can see a bit of roof behind the right hand second floor balcony.   This is what it looks like up close…

Near Bear Valley …

Looking south between Ess Narrows and Hwy 69.

Near Pakesley

  We enjoyed a very nice time in Powassan!

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