20171014 Colours, Harris Creek Bridge, Pitcher Plant, Milkweed Pods

In mid-October we continued to see pretty colours and some interesting seed pods.

This is the Hwy 69 bridge at the Harris Creek turn-off, looking downstream, westerly, under the bridge…

Sugar Maple along Harris Creek …

Heal-All is still blooming…

Tamaracks are starting to turn …

The view from Twin River Bridge is becoming quite colorful …

Big Lake in the evening ….

Seed head of the Purple Pitcher Plants along Hwy 509…  (Here is a blog discussing the cultivation of pitcher plants, including germination of seeds).

It is becoming quite popular to grow milkweeds.  This article shows how to harvest, store and plant the seeds.   Milkweed pods also make an interesting photo subject ….

Mary Holland writes about snowshoes for Ruffed Grouse.

4 thoughts on “20171014 Colours, Harris Creek Bridge, Pitcher Plant, Milkweed Pods

    • Hi Pat,
      I’ve photo’d that bridge from the same locations several times over the last few years. Always satisfied with the result …. except for the huffing and puffing when I get back up to the road to Harris Lake.

      • Not to put your life in danger, but it would be a beautiful shot when it’s snowing and the river partially frozen. 😊

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