20171016 Fall Colours, Winterberries

Autumn colours continue to be resplendent, enhanced by the bright red berries of winterberries.

Ilex verticillata aka Black Alder Winterberry, Brook Alder, Canada holly, Coralberry, Deciduous Holly, Deciduous Winterberry, False alder, Fever bush, Inkberry, Michigan Holly, Possumhaw, Swamp Holly, Virginian Winterberry, or Winterberry Holly.

Not to be confused with this bunch of  Highbush Cranberry  not yet harvested by foragers…

The last of the Elderberry leaves are yellowing…

Staghorn Sumac against a blue sky …

Century+ old CPR culvert was refurbished with new sides and a new outlet last summer, while the beavers were building a little downstream dam …

Sugar Maples at Big Lake …

The leaves of Fragrant White Water Lilies are transferring nutrients to their roots leaving splotchy fall colours …

On a misty rainy day, the colours are muted …

… to reappear in the sunshine ….

In  the photos above and below I was attracted to the illumination of the mid-ground trees ….

Mid-days with broken (stratocumulus) low clouds are good times to see patches of sunshine illuminating subjects of interest.  It is lots of fun to watch the patches of sunlight move across the forest glades.  The camera must be at the ready to catch images like the two above.





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