20180108-16 Changing weather, frost flowers, snow textures

We had a few days of comparatively warm and humid air during the daytimes.  This led to some interesting sights….

The very cold several days prior had “cold-soaked” the rocks to temperatures in the low -20ºC.  When the warmer weather arrived moisture in the air condensed on the cold rocks in the cuts lining the roads.

Here is an example, including the remains of a drill hole after blasting.

Hwy 529A was a good place to find frost flowers that accumulated overnight as moisture from the ditches would saturate the air and freeze to form the nice “flowers”….  (which can be seen up close, by clicking on the images a couple of times.  Use the back button on your browser to return.)

Catenary chain and its shadow, in sparkling snow.

Early afternoon shadows under a blue sky …

Morning sky casting a different light on the snow resting on Byng Inlet:

Delicate light …

Cascade of ice on the rocks across from Wright’s Marina…

Icicles that formed during a breeze …

More delicate snow and frostflower scenes…

Looks like Reddy Fox went up the creek for a short excursion …

This winter has been very variable, very cold, warm spells, heavy snow —- all testing the photographer’s will to get out in it.   But the rewards are some very different images from the more common scenes that I see.  Such as this, the last one to end this post:




3 thoughts on “20180108-16 Changing weather, frost flowers, snow textures

  1. Dear Tom, thank you for these mesmerizing views… it’s all in the details that you do NOT overlook. Partial to the “Early afternoon shadows under a blue sky”. Winter is this magic-white carpet ride. xoxo

    • Thanks Krys!
      Yes, “it’s all in the details that you do NOT overlook.”. So I get pretty busy, almost mesmerized out there sometimes. Sometimes I bring home a camera full of nonsense. Sometimes I get lucky. We’ve had some good opportunities lately, eh?

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