20180107 Snowstorm

We had heavy snow all day …

…partially obscuring the far, Byng Inlet, shoreline, and a pair of ice huts:

We went for a short drive along Hwy 522…

Creek flowing from Grundy Lake PP to Portage Lake looking North from from Hwy 522:

Tamarack swamp west of Pakesley CPR crossing:

Experimenting with mood:

Hunt camp east of Jamot Lumber Road turn-off:

Rock cuts have new dimensionality:

No, the wind hasn’t changed direction!  Still out of the east, but at our back as we return home:

Other side of the road:





Creek again, this time looking south:

Niffen’s fence post:

Snow storms are always quite exciting!

2 thoughts on “20180107 Snowstorm

    • Thanks Krys,
      Yes, a little different than the more common “Postcard” views of snow laden trees in the sunshine, eh? I find these snowstorm images quite a challenge in terms of camera settings. Lots of fun!
      Take care with your footing these days.

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