20180616 Highbush Cranberry blooms, Oyster mushrooms, Hoverflies, Fritillaries, Skippers

Fruit plants are blooming, mushrooms are fruiting and insects are pollinating while gathering nectar.

Typical bloom pattern of Viburnum, perimeter sterile attractor blossoms surrounding interior fertile blossoms.   Highbush cranberry —- with it three-lobed leaf in bottom right, hence Viburnum trilobum

A well define but unidentified Hoverfly (Syrphid fly) pollinating a Canada Anemone.

A good yield of the delicious Oyster mushroom.

Two views of the Silver-bordered Fritillary pollinating an Oxe-eye daisy:


This looks like a Dreamy Duskywing nectaring on Common Yarrow.  It cousins, the Sleepy Duskywings are common in the States south of us but are occasionally seen in Southern Ontario.   As the climate changes we’ll probably be often challenged to discern the difference between the two species.

This looks like a Peck’s skipper nectaring on Cow Vetch.


Same species on a buttercup?  Eating the petal??

Always lots to learn out there!!!

A wonderfully illustrated place to learn about our natural environment: