20170708 Hwy 529: White Throated Sparrow, Pink Edged Sulphur, Joe Pye Weed, Merlin

Above photo:  Looking west over Big (Gereaux) Lake


While driving south on Hwy 529 we stopped to watch this distant birdie diving from a great height (20 m) to the ground, then back up to a perch.  What is a bird with a bill like that doing hunting insects?

I had never seen a White Throated Swallow do that before.  It might have lost its nest and was foraging for insect protein in preparation for a new batch.


A Pink Edged Sulphur nectaring on an Ox Eye Daisy.  If you go to Rick Cavasin’s link you’ll see a PES on a blueberry leaf.  It may be laying eggs there as PES larvae (caterpillars) eat blueberry leaves  .


Joe Pye Weed about to start blooming … as it prepares to trade its nectar for pollinating services of many critters, including bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Each day a more and more Fragrant White Water Lilies emerge at the pond across the road from Big Lake….

Difficult light to photograph this Merlin looking for supper.

I wonder if this posture has any significance?

Maybe it is just looking for a place to drop in for supper.