20170708 Hwy 529: White Throated Sparrow, Pink Edged Sulphur, Joe Pye Weed, Merlin

Above photo:  Looking west over Big (Gereaux) Lake


While driving south on Hwy 529 we stopped to watch this distant birdie diving from a great height (20 m) to the ground, then back up to a perch.  What is a bird with a bill like that doing hunting insects?

I had never seen a White Throated Swallow do that before.  It might have lost its nest and was foraging for insect protein in preparation for a new batch.


A Pink Edged Sulphur nectaring on an Ox Eye Daisy.  If you go to Rick Cavasin’s link you’ll see a PES on a blueberry leaf.  It may be laying eggs there as PES larvae (caterpillars) eat blueberry leaves  .


Joe Pye Weed about to start blooming … as it prepares to trade its nectar for pollinating services of many critters, including bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Each day a more and more Fragrant White Water Lilies emerge at the pond across the road from Big Lake….

Difficult light to photograph this Merlin looking for supper.

I wonder if this posture has any significance?

Maybe it is just looking for a place to drop in for supper.






2 thoughts on “20170708 Hwy 529: White Throated Sparrow, Pink Edged Sulphur, Joe Pye Weed, Merlin

  1. Thank you .. and many birdies can dive and those coasting on the air currents are amazing Tom. xoxo

    • Gliding is a very nice activity. 35 years ago I used to shut the engines off in my ultralight and glide in the updraft of the southwesterly wind blowing from Georgian Bay up over the La Cloche mountains north of Killarney. I could stay up there as long as I wanted, just a few hundred feet above the top of the ridge. It is called ridge soaring, a great experience.

      Then I would restart the engines and land in front of the Mr Perch Bus in Killarney for a a nice lunch of fresh pickerel.

      Oh, to be a bird!

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