20170702 Burwash, Cumulonimbus, skippers

Photo:  Distant storm scene, seen from  Burwash

We made a brief trip to Burwash as it looked like a storm was brewing up there, half way to Sudbury.  No storm but we found some other scenes in our short trip …

Some cumulonimbus clouds up to the northeast, probably dropping some showers east of Sudbury….

Moth that I can’t find in the authoritative Selected Moths from Ontario Canada.

Upside down Monarch larva chomping on a leaf in the rain …

Bee-mimic Flower Beetle gathering nectar and pollen from an OED.

European Skipper with visitor …

European Skippers also like Birdsfoot Trefoil nectar.

I think that this might be a skipper of some sort but cannot find a good ID — yet.

This small skipper looks like a Tawny Edged Skipper

The long antennae indicate a katydid, bush cricket or long horned grasshopper.  It looks like the photo in the wikipedia article about Tettigoniidae.  Further investigation showed similar looking Grey Bush Crickets but they are all in the south shores of the UK.

Nice stormy clouds…

Three buddies enjoying the afternoon sun after the rain showers.

The best butterfly book I have is the ROM Field Guide to Butterflies of Ontario.

I use it when I cannot ID a critter on-line using Rick Cavasin’s Butterflies of Ontario or the City of Toronto’s downloadable gem: Butterflies of Toronto.

And, if you’d enjoy a bit of entertaining writing try this:  From Foxtrot to Technobot.