20170708 Hwy 529: Field Bindweed, Blue Bluet,Staghorn Sumac, American Redstart, Bush Honeysuckle, Ironwood


Above photo:  Tamarack swamp along Hwy 529

We took Hwy 529 to Moose Lake Trading Post for some Wild Cherry Frozen Yoghurt and stopped along the way to make a few pictures.

Field Bindweed, of the Morning Glory family is starting to bloom along the sides of the roads…

Tamarack cones are maturing and exuding sap.  I wonder if that is normal?

Some critter(s) have been harvesting these blueberries.   And Pink Edged Sulphurs have been laying eggs on the leaves of these Vaccinium.

Maybe a Boreal Blue Bluet.  Maybe not?

Coreopsis are maturing …

Some Yellow Goatbeards are still blooming, while others are finished with seeding.

Tall Meadow Rue against dappled water…

More dappled water….

Click on this grass panicle to see that it supports a  very fine web of spider filaments.


One of these days I find one of these out in the open with no wind.  I think that the breeze pushed this one away a few mm, affecting the focus.  Click on it to see the quality at mid bloom with the quality at the very top.

Female plants of Rhus typhina in flower complete with visitor which is nice to examine in close-up…

I was photographing this ripening Beaked Hazelnut ….

… when all of a sudden this birdie flew into view and then took off with my first shutter click.  I calculated that the encounter (find bird in viewfinder: 1 second +; Autofocus:  .3 second, release shutter: .3 second) took a total of <2 seconds to this  point.  within the next second the bird had braced for take-off, launched and disappeared.  I know that because I was shooting in (Medium) Burst mode.   This birdie doesn’t hang around singing like its spouse does!

Very interesting fruits of Ostrya virginiana   or Ironwood, which is rarely seen around here, as we are right on its northern limit.

Bush Honeysuckles are starting to bloom.   What is that spider doing there?

These Cinquefoils are starting to end their blooming period…

20170703 Medevac using the Ornge AW139 … Version 2.0

This is a repeat  of the earlier post which used Keywords.  In this one I changed the Filenames of the images to “the original filename + Ornge ______”where the descriptors  loaded, lifting, turning, climbing and enroute were added to the appropriate image.





We’ll see how this works in comparison with the previous post.

20170703 Medevac using the Ornge AW139

This is an opportunity to try to tag individual photos in a post instead of using several tags for one post.  We want to see if the Keywords that I applied in Lightroom will carry over into WordPress.

I happened to be near the Britt Lion’s Club Night Helicopter Landing Pad when a patient had to be airlifted to hospital in Parry Sound.  Here are some photos which tell of the Ornge AgustaWestland AW 139   loaded, lifting, turning, climbing and enroute.





Each of the above photos has been Keyworded with “Ornge _______”, where the blank is loaded, lifting, turning, climbing, enroute for the appropriate image.

Will it work to improve SEO?   I guess we’ll try it to see.  In the meantime it is reassuring to know that the patient is undergoing some tests 5 days later.

It might take several hours? days? weeks? for those keywords to percolate through the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.   Search “brtthome” to see what you get using Google, Bing and Yahoo.   Amazing stuff!

Almost scary, eh?





20170708 Hwy 529: White Throated Sparrow, Pink Edged Sulphur, Joe Pye Weed, Merlin

Above photo:  Looking west over Big (Gereaux) Lake


While driving south on Hwy 529 we stopped to watch this distant birdie diving from a great height (20 m) to the ground, then back up to a perch.  What is a bird with a bill like that doing hunting insects?

I had never seen a White Throated Swallow do that before.  It might have lost its nest and was foraging for insect protein in preparation for a new batch.


A Pink Edged Sulphur nectaring on an Ox Eye Daisy.  If you go to Rick Cavasin’s link you’ll see a PES on a blueberry leaf.  It may be laying eggs there as PES larvae (caterpillars) eat blueberry leaves  .


Joe Pye Weed about to start blooming … as it prepares to trade its nectar for pollinating services of many critters, including bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Each day a more and more Fragrant White Water Lilies emerge at the pond across the road from Big Lake….

Difficult light to photograph this Merlin looking for supper.

I wonder if this posture has any significance?

Maybe it is just looking for a place to drop in for supper.