20170726-27 Trip to Manitoulin Part 1 of 2

We visited kin at Bass Creek Resort.  Here are some scenes we saw on a very rainy July 26 and a sunshiny July 27:

I suspect that this Pine Tree on Quartzite above the road to Willisville has been photographed many times.

Quaint Cafe in Whitefish Falls ….

Quaint signage in Whitefish Falls …

Strawberry Island as seen from Hwy 6, NE of Goat Island.

Stormy Day at 10 Mile Point with little Loon Island in middle ground.

5:11 AM  the next morning.  That is Venus, upper right.

5:55 AM:

Above: How did that bush in the foreground move?


Bush is back in normal location at 6:05 AM….

Roll of low cloud accents this cabin on Green Bay Road…

Backlit Elm on Green Bay Road…

The above, Part 1 of 2, was photographed with the FZ1000 Fixed Lens Panasonic Camera.    Part 2 will have photos taken with the 100-400 telephoto lens on the GH4 Interchangeable Lens Panasonic Camera.