20170703 Medevac using the Ornge AW139

This is an opportunity to try to tag individual photos in a post instead of using several tags for one post.  We want to see if the Keywords that I applied in Lightroom will carry over into WordPress.

I happened to be near the Britt Lion’s Club Night Helicopter Landing Pad when a patient had to be airlifted to hospital in Parry Sound.  Here are some photos which tell of the Ornge AgustaWestland AW 139   loaded, lifting, turning, climbing and enroute.





Each of the above photos has been Keyworded with “Ornge _______”, where the blank is loaded, lifting, turning, climbing, enroute for the appropriate image.

Will it work to improve SEO?   I guess we’ll try it to see.  In the meantime it is reassuring to know that the patient is undergoing some tests 5 days later.

It might take several hours? days? weeks? for those keywords to percolate through the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.   Search “brtthome” to see what you get using Google, Bing and Yahoo.   Amazing stuff!

Almost scary, eh?





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