20170704 Blooms and beasts along Highway 529

Photo:  Ancient Tamaracks standing guard along Hwy 529

We made another trip down Hwy 529 to check on any changes since our outing with Ray Thoms the previous day.

The Coreopsis were still in full bloom

The light was a bit easier the second time around to see and photograph this flooded beaver dam…

This Crab Spider was on the same Viper’s Bugloss plant…

The Timothy seed panicles were in full bloom:

A  Monarch “on edge”.

This looks like a Northern Broken Dash

Up close and personal …

A little further away from this Yellow Goat’s Beard

The Pitcher Plants are still in “flower”.


This very small (0.5 cm) flower was poking up in the roadside grass.  Lots of visitors on it.  Nectar??

This wild pea was in the same area.  It has been damaged but its tenant doesn’t seem to mind…

The Yellow Hawkweed is starting to finish its blooming period.   This example is still fresh…


Fruiting body of the uncommon  (in Northern Ontario) Hop Hornbeam or Ironwood


Dragonfly riding a  blade of windblown grass.

Cinnamon fern …

Nice Pond Lily …


European skipper…

We are having another sunshiny summer day so it’s off to another adventure.

In the meantime enjoy Randy Holland’s outstanding photo of Lightning over Hillman Marsh – Jul7 7 /17

It is good to see him active again!

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