Photos at James Clerk Maxwell web site

A few years ago good friend Rebecca made a web site celebrating the life of Maxwell, a mathematical physicist of the same stature as Newton and Einstein.  In addition to his other contributions to science he developed the first demonstration of using Red, Green and Blue  (RGB) filters to construct a colour image in 1861.

Rebecca’s web site contains some great poetry along with some photographs taken in the Britt and Iron Bridge neighbourhoods.

There are two pages of poetry/photographs here.    Worth enjoying when you have a few minutes.

Here is an example, an experiment:

After you get the image, click on the button upper left to get the image + poem.  Then you can go back to the Meeting Maxwell site or come back Here.

Have fun!







20150531 Local sights: Blooms & Birdies

Although yesterday was very windy and cool, we managed to make a few photos in the neighbourhood.


Proud parent:


Being visited by a brood of Mallards



“Peek a boo!”  says this American Yellow Warbler.


What is that red structure on this Jackpine branch?



Three pix of Starflowers.  (Worth clicking on to see the delicate structure of the blossom.)

P1490503 P1490509-2 P1490530-2


Starflower photography was interrupted by the songs of this American Redstart Warbler, some distance away.


It looks like a good blueberry crop this year, good crop of blackflies right now.



Adult photo



Young couple enjoying a bit of warmth, out of the wind.  What was that kind of iridescent coloration  called?

Those duck features are really very nice up close!


Have a good week!