20150603 Trip to French River, Burwash, Hwy 522 Pond Part One

On Wednesday we went up to the French River Inn (Jack’s) for a late breakfast with B & G of Smith Bay Rd.

On the way into the restaurant, this Swallowtail was visiting one of Jack’s pretty yellow flowers.

P1500460 P1500463

After breakfast this birdie arrived at the door and pecked on the glass.   I was lucky to have my camera with me (after taking the butterfly pic.)

P1500469 P1500483-2

At Neilly Lake, Burwash, there were a lot of Dragonflies around, giving us this lucky shot:


Another one, worth clicking on to get full size:


This old tree was in the former cemetery area of the Industrial Farm.   I suspect that those signs contain the names of folks that lived at the place.   I bet that there is an alumni organization around someplace!  (EDIT:   I have since learned that those signs contain the names of “alumni OF THE TOWNSITE” that visit annually.  Although it is near Cemetery Lake it is at the old townsite.   See: https://brtthome.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/20150829-31great-prairie-chickens-at-burwash-and-local-bugs/  )


Two mandatory warblers, Chestnut Sided and American Yellow.

P1500659  P1500678

One of Rebeca’s Bumblebees is visiting.

P1500704 P1500720

AHA!   A clearwing hummingbird moth.

P1500721 P1500746

a Vanessa atalanta also checked out the lilacs.


This fat fellow / expectant mother spent some time checking me out:


And, on the way out!

P1500956 P1500964

My FIRST good pix of the Bobolink.  The bottom one is worth clicking on.

Little bug visiting some cousins of the Irises


Although there were folks  (maintenance contractors?) around, and the numbers were up there were no soldiers around.


On the way back to the Killarney turn-off, we saw these :  Labrador Tea and ….




On the way home we stopped off at the little pond betweed Grundy  Lake PP and the Pakesley crossing to see some interesting things …. to be posted later.

Another interesting day!