20150704 Bugs, Beaver and Blossoms

A drive down Hwy 529 yielded these sights:

Arctic Skipper?


Back end of a ?? before it flew off.


Even the iridescent thorax doesn’t help me ID this moth:  HELP!


Swamp Candle, which I have just learned is NOT part of the Solidago (Goldenrod) family.


Taking some lunch home for the kids?


This Goatsbeard Umbel is worth clicking on.


Dogbane has similar toxic latex as the milkweed is a common food source.  AKA Indian hemp


Another little beetle looking for food on the Common Milkweed.


Iris versacolor are just about finished their blooming period (about 3 weeks).  All the energy is now going into the seed pods, later into the rhizomes for next spring’s rapid growth.


I couldn’t resist showing you this nice shadow of this Viceroy.


The smoke from the fires out west are spreading over the Great Lakes giving a red tinge to the evening sun.  Next post.

One thought on “20150704 Bugs, Beaver and Blossoms

  1. Stunning photos — such detail and precision and variety. I look forward to every post!

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