20150727 Local Report with some links

Local ducks and geese are growing quickly…

Remember these (end of May)?


Here they are two months later:


(along with that clutch of “ducklings”)

Third instar?


Unknown butterfly  (Hairstreak?)


Joe Pyeweed are blossoming


As are the broad leaved meadowsweet(latifolia)


The invasive purple loosestrife


And another wild spirea … Steeple bush.


A few years ago I sent a photo to EPOD (Earth Picture of the Day).  It was recently revived and some of my friends noticed it.

Here is is again:  Wind Storm on Georgian Bay


Over the years I posted some stuff to my Galleries on Digital Photography Review.

The easiest way to look at those images is to use the slideshow feature of that site and click “Play” and “Full Screen”.

There are lots of images there  (including some interesting winter shots) so best to brew a cup of tea to keep awake!

One thought on “20150727 Local Report with some links

  1. Once again, thank you and your “Links” were, without exception, AWE inspiring — the composition, the colours, the moments !! !! !! Mother Nature reveals but you can portray her beautiful essence and then offer this depiction to us.

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