20151010 Fall Colours Drive South … to Ahmic Harbour

On Saturday afternoon we made “The Loop”:  Parry Sound, Orange Valley Road, Old Nippissing Road, South of Ahmic Lake, home via Hwy 124 and Hwy 529.

McDougall Rd, North end of Haines Lake:


McDougall Rd over one of the feeders to the Seguin River.


Broadbent/Orange Valley Rd:

P1700019-1 P1700036-1 P1700043-1

Orange Valley Rd …

P1700055-1 P1700079-1

Old Nippissing Rd:

P1700086-1 P1700100-1 P1700109-1

Ahmic Lake Rd … short cut from Old Nippissing to Hwy 124.   I broke all of the rules with this one: A serious backlighting attempt.  One huge lens flare which I tried to minimize in Lightroom 5.6.


Large farms and beautiful sugar maple forests south of Ahmic Lake.


This is worth clicking on to enlarge.  A little bay off of Ahmic Lake, just south of Ahmic Harbour.


Yet another version of Twin Rivers, this time 4 minutes after sunset:


The winds are up to 20 km/h so I think the peak is passing now.

One thought on “20151010 Fall Colours Drive South … to Ahmic Harbour

  1. …..For every leaf, that twirls the breeze, May useful hints and lessons give. The falling leaves and fading trees, Will teach and caution us to live. …… JOHN CLARE >> Tom, truly magical and wistful. Thank You !

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