20151011-12 Local colours

We went down to the Hwy 69 Bridge over Harris Creek again to see the changes in colours.   Here are three results:

P1700175-1-5 P1700193-1 P1700202-1-3

Have you figured out where the sun is in the uppermost photo?   Interesting challenge for the photographer!  I was intrigued by the reflection on the underside of the bridge, the lighting through the “tunnel” and the backlit leaves.  A good exercise in composition and exposure…….. and in post processing!

Here are some pics taken in Britt:

House at the end of the road:


The “OPEN” sign has been unlit for a while now.


Foraging at the end of the season, filling the combs for the winter.


Not  many modern cars would fit into Mrs D’s garage:


Mary Holland has an interesting post regarding “green stain” in wood here:


Lots of magick out in them thar woods, eh?

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