20151019-21 The last of this year’s colours

Stiff winds and sharp frost removed most of the leaves in our neighbourhood over the last few days.  However we managed to get a few nice photos in this season ‘tween leaves and snow:

Red Maple at ET’s dock:


Magnetawan River Tributary near Dunchurch:


Snowcloud over Twin River:


Fishing in snow showers:


Woolly aphids in their woolens:


Spiral left after the fluffy seeds have left the Fireweed flower.


This  reminds me of one of Andrew Wyeth’s barns or maybe a young Ivan Wheale’s realist paintings on Manitoulin Island.


This fellow got all excited when he saw me on Dry Rapids Road, north of Alban.


Some Red Oak leaves are turning red instead of brown…. nice!


And Blackberries are turning purple:

P1710046-1 P1710054-1

A very rare exhibition of a Red Oak leaf showing its veins in red and orange.


Click on the images to see the detail …. especially the one above.  See the visitor now?

Still lots to see out there!

3 thoughts on “20151019-21 The last of this year’s colours

  1. Awesome, Tom !! “Just before the death of flowers, And before they are buried in snow,
    There comes a festival season, When nature is all aglow.” Thank you very, very much !!!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Kris and Pat! Yes, there are very few grand fall sights left but there are occasional jewels that catch the eye. With the fall moose hunt on now … and the deer hunt scheduled in two weeks, I am staying off of the deep back roads. It is a good time to review and edit some of my accumulations.

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