20151023-25 Some close-ups

We had some nice fall weather which enticed us to get out to see our surroundings.

The wintergreen leaves were turning.  Here we have only one berry remaining.

Common names for G. procumbens include American mountain tea, boxberry, Canada tea, canterberry, checkerberry, chickenberry, chinks, creeping wintergreen, deerberry, drunkards, gingerberry, ground berry, ground tea, grouseberry, hillberry, mountain tea, one-berry, partridge berry, procalm, red pollom, spice berry, squaw vine, star berry, spiceberry, spicy wintergreen, spring wintergreen, teaberry, wax cluster, and youngsters.



A huge (size of a volley ball) paper wasp’s nest tucked into a white pine.  No evidence of wasps.



Yes, ubiquitous milkweed again …






Some sort of web caterpillar made this.   I don’t know what kind or what happens to it over the winter. Metamorphosis?



This big bird lifted off when the blue truck approached on faraway road.


For a while I didn’t know whether this was a juvenile Sandhill Crane or a juvenile Great Blue Heron.


The yellow bill and speckled breast gave it away:   Juvenile Great Blue Heron.   Quite late in the year (October 23).

No berries on these this year.


The Larix laricina are changing now.


Characteristic bud on the end of a Northern Wild Raisin branch — with a nice leaf!


Yes, there was lots to see.

3 thoughts on “20151023-25 Some close-ups

  1. A breathtaking close-up of the magnificent and opulent colours of Fall. Yes Tom, there is always much to see and we are most fortunate to view your creations !! (.. thank you for the “ubiquitous milkweed” once more)

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