20151028 Killarney Storm — 5 years later

On October 27, 2010 a photographer friend, Ray Thoms and I met at Killarney to take some photos of a storm buffeting the Killarney East Lighthouse at Red Rock.  Here is his great shot.

I had just purchased a little Lumix GF1 Micro Four Thirds Camera — my first digital interchangeable lens camera — with a nice zoom lens (28 mm-280 mm EFL) and was quite excited to try it out.  Here is a shot that I got with it.  A. Yee convinced me to submit it.  NASA sent me a coffee mug as a prize!

Five years and one day later Ray and I again visited the lighthouse, this time to see the effects of the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.  Here are some of the photos I took on the way there, at the lighthouse and on the way back.

Highway 637 looking towards Killarney Prov Park

P1710387-1 copy

The Tamaracks were aflame, even in the rain …

P1710379-1-2 copy

This is peek into the little forest on the rough road into the lighhouse from the airport road.  The big red pine appears to have suffered from a lightning hit.

P1710418-1-2 copy

The last of the blueberry leaves had a light blue cast from the light reflected from the blue truck:

P1710413-1-2 copy

Here is the  Killarney East ON Lighthouse, as seen from the shore near the gate:  ( Some interesting insights at that link!)

P1710687-1 copy

(Edit:  I just noticed the similarity between the above and Thom’s image!!  Must be a good place to stand there.  Probably the above is immortalized in thousands of photographs!)

Some photos taken in between (and during) rain squalls:

P1710544-1 copy P1710645-1 copy P1710723-1-2 copy P1710730-1 copy

P1710703-1 copy

The effects of these scenes can be felt more acutely if you click on them to see them full screen.  Use your browser’s return button to get back to the blog.

Here are some photos taken on the return trip … all looking to the north side of the Highway.

P1710751-1-2 copy

Chikanishing Creek:

P1710757-1-2 copy P1710766-1-2 copy

Tyson Lake crossing:

P1710784-1-2 copy P1710787-1-2 copy P1710808-1-2 copy

I should add that the new Herbert Fish Restaurant served a good lunch.  They will stay open “for a little while” in November.

I should also add that I rarely use my Micro Four Third Interchangeable lens cameras any more.   Instead I use the amazing Lumix FZ-1000.  (That photo of the red pine trunk was shot at a base ISO of 125, at f/5 (Equivalent f/ of f/14 for DoF) hand held at 1/50th second.  Not many cameras can do that.)  All shot hand held, in Raw, converted and (lightly) processed in Lightroom 5.6.

If you are interested in Sudbury, you might like  Thom’s new photo souvenir book, Greater Sudbury.

5 thoughts on “20151028 Killarney Storm — 5 years later

  1. Tom, EXCEPTIONAL – this crowning majesty of Autumn with its opulent display of rich, deep colours, earthly scents and the soft tug of welcoming, comforting shadows. These wondrous views are completed with the backdrop of the impressive heavens. Will always takes my breath away. Thank you !!

  2. Yes, she most certainly is. She’s quite the girl!! I visited her school last spring to read my new book to the younger grades. I was so impressed with what she’s has done there.

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