20151029-1106 Late fall scenes close to home

Despite the F150 truck being on its last legs we have been out and about a bit.

While cruising along Hwy 529 we had a momentary burst of rain coming out of the sun.

I tried to capture it and got this:


Even setting up the camera up ———– f/8;  (f/22 equivalent for a 35mm sensor); ISO 125; shutter interval 1/30 sec; mid-range manual focus;  50 mm equivalent FL ———-   inside the cab and then opening the window momentarily to get the shot did not prevent some blur spots due to water on the lens.  I think that snow will be easier … if/when I see a backlit snowshower!

The following evening we saw a nice sunset over Gereaux Lake.


Check out the similarity of the foreground  to Eastern Cree Syllabics.

A little later, a more conventional shot …


In a few years the new Highway 400 will take out this farm.  The current owner is cleaning up all of the old implements and uses this tractor to haul stuff and clear snow, with a back scraper.  1950s Case, with an obvious change from 6v to 12v.


Cattails (NOT bulrushes please!) shedding seeds (“The seeds are minute, 0.2 millimetres (0.008 in) long, and attached to fine hairs.”)  Cattails have many uses for humans.


The hackmatacks are losing their needles.


Some plants still have brilliant leaves, like these blackberries and blueberries:

P1710966-1 P1710980-1

A gentle calm between the wild west winds that we have been getting lately.


Yesterday we had some heavy rains which left some drops and stimulated the lichens.

P1720038-1 P1720079-1-2 P1720097-1

Hammered Shield or Wax Paper Lichens. on a dead Jack Pine branch.

For those still running on generators or who’ve just got their power back, THIS is what we got October 31, 2014:


This year the weather prognosticators are indicating no snow until Grey Cup Weekend, maybe later!  I am not sure what I think about that as I like snow!

A good one: Nobel Laureate Art McDonald explains the importance of the team’s findings at the Sudbury Neutrino Lab …. in a easy way.  He says some nice things about Science North, where I used to work.  He was a great guy to work with.  I hope that his award will help to restore Canada’s world position in scientific research and to inspire the Canadian government to restore basic research to the mandate of the NRC.

Mary Holland has an interesting post about Chipmunks.

Time to get out and take some pictures!


One thought on “20151029-1106 Late fall scenes close to home

  1. Once again, “Wonderfully Done” — nothing less from you — those presented scenes and colours, esp. “Cattails and pixs of resulting heavy rain” . Thank you so much !!

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